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  1. Is the Great Barrier Reef beyond help? A new study has found that the World Heritage Site has lost half of its corals in less than 30 years. Many fear it could be too late to reverse the damage.

  2. Should artefacts be returned to the countries they came from? The V&A Museum is in talks over returning looted Ethiopian treasures. The deputy director says museums must be honest about the history of their artefacts.

  3. Should we introduce a ban on glitter? Two British supermarkets have announced that they will avoid the tiny pieces of plastic at Christmas. Some say the harmful stuff should not be made at all.

  4. Can robots transform farming? Google's parent company has unveiled prototype robots that can inspect individual plants in a field.They will help farmers monitoring mineral levels improve crop yields.

  5. Has the pandemic changed travel for good? The events of 2020 have led many to change the way we think about holidays. Experts predict a long-term shift towards local, sustainable and inclusive breaks.

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