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  1. Is our reality just one of many? Our universe might be one of several in a multiverse, but will we ever find or communicate with other realities?

  2. Do we all need to cry more? Crying has been shown to improve mental wellbeing, but it is often stigmatised. In Japan, a service called ‘tear seeking’ is an increasingly popular industry.

  3. Is this the golden age of palaeontology? We have learned more about dinosaurs in the last 25 years than in the previous 250 – from the colour of their skin and feathers to how they lived and evolved.

  4. Should fast fashion be banned? A recent study found that one in six young people wouldn’t wear an outfit once it had been seen on social media. Many say it’s time to bin throw-away culture.

  5. Will the pandemic change the film industry forever? From filming to box office numbers, Covid-19 has disrupted the movie business . Many think the industry will need to change dramatically if it is to survive.

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