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  1. Will AI replace doctors? A growing number of healthcare professionals are using supercomputers and intelligent technology for diagnosis, treatment and preventative medicine.

  2. Should we fear solar storms? The Sun has started a new solar cycle, meaning a period of space weather that can have serious consequences for technology on Earth and astronauts.

  3. Are hybrid cars less green than we think? Plug-in hybrids already account for 3% of new car sales and are growing in popularity — but new research shows they emit far more CO2 than advertised.

  4. Do our faces have accents? The way we speak reveal a lot about where we are from. But our facial expressions and movements could be saying more about our origins than we realise.

  5. Should we all spend more time outdoors? The Norwegian concept of “friluftsliv” literally means “open-air living”. Norwegians say it is vital during lockdown — and encourage others to embrace it, too.

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