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  1. Does the moon affect our mental health? A lunar influence on our health has long been dismissed as unscientific. Now, evidence shows the moon could have subtle but powerful effects on our wellbeing.

  2. Can robots combat loneliness? Robots that can hold simple conversations and learn people’s interests are to be deployed in UK care homes after a trial found they boosted mental health.

  3. Will technology replace the dairy industry? A group of scientists is making real milk from cells without setting foot on a farm. They think their cellular agriculture is the future — others think not.

  4. Is travel an essential human activity? The effects of a global lockdown have left many with an urge to see the world. Science tells us that this need for movement is ingrained in our genes.

  5. Should we build pandemic-proof cities? A new 'smart city' in China has a neighbourhood specially designed to allow residents to function in lockdown. Should all cities be preparing in the same way?

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