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  1. Has modern living altered the human mind? The Himba people of Namibia can ignore distraction much better than most other human beings – evidence that modern life is changing our brains.

  2. Does higher education make you happy? Higher education and a university degree is often described as an investment. But where is the evidence? It is still not clear if it pays off in happiness.

  3. Can a gigantic star simply disappear? When a massive star went missing, astronomers expected to find a black hole in its place. But there wasn’t one. Instead there was nothing.

  4. What if there were no bananas? The banana equivalent to Covid-19 is on the rampage, forcing growers to change how the world’s most widely-eaten fruit is farmed and how it could taste.

  5. Is swine flu going to be the next pandemic? A new virus is circulating in China that has the potential for pandemic spread in humans. This sounds highly alarming, but just how worried should we be?

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