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  1. Could a robot fighter plane win in a fight against a pilot? The US Air Force has announced a plan to pit an advanced autonomous fighter plane against a piloted jet, in a challenge set for July 2021.

  2. Has the pandemic helped solve the climate crisis? The existential threat that it has posed to our way of live has set many individuals, cities, and national leaders on a new track of creative thinking.

  3. Why is lockdown so exhausting? The disruption has left many in a spin. Having to decide how to live – and with little guidance on the best way to do it – is mentally exhausting.

  4. Is extreme hail nature’s deadliest weapon? In central Kenya, hail the size of boulders can devastate a farm in a matter of minutes. How do you rebuild a life after such a destructive hailstorm?

  5. Could there be life on Pluto? New research shows that Pluto’s fiery birth may have created an internal warm ocean – an ideal breeding-ground for life on the dwarf planet.

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