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  1. Was Covid-19 created during a lab accident? Former MI6 boss Sir Richard Dearlove claims that a new scientific report suggests key elements of the virus were “inserted” deliberately.

  2. Is plastic over? Beer and soft drinks could soon be sipped from “all-plant” bottles under new plans to turn sustainably grown crops into plastic.

  3. Are drones the key to a greener future? Transporting half the annual 3.5bn packages by drones would reduce the number of delivery vehicles by 53,000 and cut CO2 emissions by 250,000 tonnes.

  4. Is not knowing names for things a form of blindness? A phenomenon called “plant blindness” can have disastrous consequences not only for the environment, but for human health as well.

  5. Will masks become a fashion accessory? The best-known mask wearer in the West used to be pop star Michael Jackson. Soon, it could be all of us – and masks will be a fashion statement.

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