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  1. Could animal poaching lead to a new killer virus? There has been a spike in poaching in many countries during lockdown, which isn’t just bad for wildlife – but also raises our risk of exposure to new viruses.

  2. Is singing good for your health? Whether you have the voice of a songbird or sound like ball-bearings in a blender, singing can have some remarkably positive effects on health.

  3. Is lockdown bad for our forests? With fewer planes in the sky and cars on the road, lockdown has brought many benefits to the environment. So, why is it harming tropical rainforests?

  4. Are cats unfriendly? Cats are the only non-social animal we have successfully domesticated. We don’t bond with them as easily as dogs. But are we just missing the signs?

  5. Is the honours system corrupt? Last week, Captain Tom Moore was awarded a knighthood. Nobody is denying he is a hero. But aren’t ‘knighthoods’ just a great big British sham?

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