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  1. Do the benefits of sport outweigh the risks of injury? The NFL, which runs American football, has entered a partnership with Amazon Web Services to collect impact sensor data from players’ helmets.

  2. What happens when you die? A new study has examined eight leading possible theories – ranging from instant reincarnation to the possibility that we transfer to a parallel universe.

  3. Why do females live longer? A new study that looks at lifespan in wild mammals shows that females live, on average, a substantial 18.6% longer than males from the same species.

  4. Should bio-labs be shut down? Boris Johnson’s chief advisor, Dominic Cummings, has written that the most secure bio-labs routinely make errors that could cause a global pandemic.

  5. What if all the coral reefs disappeared? The Great Barrier Reef has suffered another mass bleaching event – the third in just five years – causing huge coral loss across the world’s largest reef.

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