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  1. Will AI lead to an economic crisis? As software and hardware grow more capable, many worry that automation of jobs (when technology and robots replace people) will lead to an employment crisis.

  2. Is “social prescribing” the key to a happier population? Social prescribing schemes mean that doctors can order their patients a course of gardening, cookery, healthy eating, soccer or bowls – among other activities.

  3. Are the Olympic Games more do to with money than sport? Whether postponed or cancelled, there is little doubt that billions will be made and lost by many who are closely involved in this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

  4. Should gender clinics be more challenging? A 23-year-old woman is suing a clinic for failing to question her sufficiently over her decision to transition to a male when she was a teenager.

  5. Will cheap gene sequencing solve all disease? By bringing the cost within reach of normal people, the approach could also dramatically expand the scope of personalised medicine.

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