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  1. Are blue whales Earth’s most exciting animal? Blue whales are the most massive creatures ever to roam the Earth. Scientists say they have found astonishing numbers around the island of South Georgia.

  2. Is the internet disintegrating? A separate internet for some; a Facebook-mediated sovereignty for others. Is the open internet that its early creators dreamed of already gone?

  3. Are bumblebees the canaries of our world? Climate chaos has caused widespread losses of bumblebees across continents, according to scientists. Like canaries in coal mines, they are telling us something.

  4. Should parents control what children see on TikTok? The social media platform has announced plans which could mean parents will control the content children see by linking their account to their child's.

  5. Can we finally unlock the mystery of Mars? A year from now, a capsule will come hurtling towards Mars bearing the next big rover. The aim? To discover whether there has ever been life on the Red Planet.

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