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  1. Could psychedelics solve the climate crisis? Researchers found that psilocybin commonly increases people’s positive feelings of connectedness – to one’s self and others, and to the natural world.

  2. Should we see the world through the eyes of our dogs? Evolution has not equipped dogs for the challenges of living in our world. There are many strange things we do that they struggle to understand.

  3. Should Messi move to an English club? Both Juventus and Manchester City are said to be eying a shock transfer for the Barcelona star. But the history of uprooting genius should be a warning.

  4. Do robots need morals? Artificial intelligence must meet ethical standards. It poses a challenge for three key principles of public life: openness, accountability, and objectivity.

  5. Is is wrong for Prince Harry to be “for hire”? Harry and Meghan were reportedly paid $1m to speak at a banking event in Miami amidst tight secrecy. Is “Prince for hire” a damaging look for Harry?

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