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  1. Is a teenage autistic boy the new Picasso? Markus Martinovitch is a 13-year-old artistic genius whose work is exhibited around the world, and sells for thousands of dollars. He is also severely autistic.

  2. Are diets based on false science? There is a diet revolution. Many scientists are realising that it is not the quantity of calories that makes us obese. It is the quality of the food available.

  3. Is living apart together the secret of relationships? Absence makes the heart grow fonder, according to research that shows a quarter of couples now live apart but follow the same rules as married couples.

  4. Is a disaster the best way to create real change? Nearly 10 years after it became the scene of a terrible nuclear accident, Japan’s Fukushima is planning to transform itself into a renewable energy hub.

  5. Is it morally wrong to make a comic film about Nazis? JoJo Rabbit has infuriated Germans. “What rubbish,” one critic wrote. “You just shouldn’t make jokes about these things.” Are they right to object?

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