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  1. Is smartphone addiction a disease? A new study suggests that one in four teenagers has addiction symptoms, including poor sleep, anxiety and stress. Have smartphones created an epidemic?

  2. Could we get rid of religion, but keep the good bits? A leading philosopher says that dogma and belief are fairytales best rejected. But community, ritual and shared discussion should be preserved.

  3. Is the world’s greatest invention the humble egg box? It’s so simple yet the egg box is brilliant, protecting the most fragile of foodstuffs. How did a newspaper owner come up with this billion-dollar idea?

  4. Is seeing patterns the secret of success? Magnus Carlsen, world chess champion, is on his way to being number one at Fantasy Premier League. It’s all about his incredible ability to see patterns.

  5. Is pain more useful than pleasure? This year has seen a huge rise in sales of painkillers in rich countries. We are terrified of pain, but it is a great warning sign. Do we numb it at our peril?

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