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  1. Should Prince Andrew be arrested? Five women say the Queen’s son witnessed forced sex while staying with Jeffrey Epstein, and is lying about his innocence. Should British police investigate?

  2. Is China now a real-life Big Brother state? George Orwell, in his book 1984, imagined a surveillance society. Last week, China introduced face scans for anyone registering a new mobile phone.

  3. Should animal sacrifice be banned worldwide? Hindu worshippers carried out the world’s biggest animal sacrifice at last week’s Gadhimai Festival. What about the mass slaughter of Christmas turkeys?

  4. Could you make money from renting your clothes? A new, fashion start-up called My Wardrobe HQ aims to promote renting clothes rather than buying them. Access is more important than ownership, it says.

  5. Is cuteness a science? Baby Yoda has brought the internet to its knees in the new Disney show, The Mandalorian. Psychologists say there are evolutionary reasons behind his appeal.

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