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  1. Should drone warfare be banned? Drones can now fire military grade rockets. Computers will soon be able to direct war and killing without any human operators in the loop at all. Is this wrong?

  2. Should astronauts be genetically modified? Nasa has begun to investigate the possibility of a new breed of incredibly resilient space travellers, designed to deal with the rigours of life far from Earth.

  3. Would it be great if touch was digital too? We can already see and hear digitally. Now, US scientists are developing “smart skin” which would enable us to stroke, touch and feel through our computers.

  4. Should we have breaks from pleasure to reset our brains? Saturated with stimulation and easy pleasure, scientists say our brain chemicals are going haywire. The cure? We need to stop releasing so much dopamine.

  5. Is Google aiming to replace God? The tech giant has been quietly harvesting health data for years. Now, it is on the brink of knowing when you will die — and how to help you live longer.

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