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  1. Should cities be designed by women? Every city in the world has been designed and built by men. But what if the other half had a go? Would a city designed by women be a better place to live?

  2. Is India a racist country? India’s Supreme Court ruled that the disputed holy site of Ayodhya should be given to Hindus. Muslims say they have worshipped there for generations.

  3. Should billionaires be abolished? A radical idea is taking hold. Billionaires are bad. Nobody needs that much. Anyone with more than a billion dollars should have their excess wealth removed.

  4. Can technology fix the climate crisis? Yes, it can, say some. Emerging technological solutions — from lab-grown meat to nuclear fusion reactors — are already helping to avoid the apocalypse.

  5. Is a little narcissism good for you? They might be annoying, says a new study from Queen’s University in Belfast, but moderate narcissists are less likely to be stressed or depressed than average.

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