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  1. Should doctors prescribe “blue space”? The health benefits of being near water — the sea, rivers, lakes, canals, waterfalls, even fountains — have been proved. Should it be part of our treatment?

  2. Does cannabis make you dumb or do dumb people smoke cannabis? A challenging question based on evidence that cannabis smokers are below average intelligence. Needless to say, the evidence is controversial.

  3. Should some teenagers spend more time on social media? “Get off your phone!” is the normal instruction. But researchers now believe that social media is especially good for young people with anxiety disorders.

  4. Should silent fireworks be compulsory next year? They terrify animals, babies and keep communities awake. Should noisy fireworks be outlawed in favour of the new, quiet and silent brands now available?

  5. Is there any truth behind astrology? It claims to reveal character and predict the future based on the mysterious powers of the planets. Millions of new followers believe it is scientifically true.

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