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  1. Should vaping be banned? The USA is planning to ban flavoured e-cigarettes after six young people died from severe lung illnesses. But hundreds of ex-smokers say vaping saved them.

  2. Is drag an art form? The modern drag scene didn’t fully flourish until the 1980s and 90s. As RuPaul’s Drag Race heads for BBC3, should drag be recognised as art?

  3. What if we never needed to sleep? Some people with a rare DNA mutation only need four hours of sleep per night. Experts think that the gene will spread, removing our need to sleep altogether.

  4. Are male eating disorders a hidden crisis? Former Doctor Who Christopher Ecclestone has revealed his life-long battle with anorexia. He says pressure to be “macho” forced him to keep the illness secret.

  5. Should children be raised without gender? A couple is raising a gender-neutral child by keeping its sex secret even from close family. And more modern parents are stripping nurseries of gender clues.

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