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  1. Should we all insist on wearing clothes made of mushrooms? A new wonder material called mycelium (the root structure of mushrooms) is being used to create food, packaging and textiles. It is cheap and eco-friendly.

  2. Is it time for a female James Bond? “Get out of the way guys and put a woman up there!” So said former 007, Pierce Brosnan, this week. Idris Elba agrees. But the producers say, “Bond is a man.”

  3. Is “colourism” the real racist curse of our age? These days, the model Khoudia Diop is hailed as “the melanin goddess”. But the blackness of her skin has often made her a victim of bullying by her own race.

  4. Should the UK ditch its honours system? Theresa May has dished out honours to her inner circle. The whole system of British knighthoods and medals is often damned as corrupt. Time for a change?

  5. Will we be the last generation to have “normal” human bodies? Jawbone shaving, gene therapy cosmetics, robotics... Our bodies are swiftly changing. It seems likely that they may well be unrecognisable in the future,

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