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  1. Should Marvel keep making sequels? The Marvel Cinematic Universe now spans 20 films. A new Spider Man sequel has just hit cinemas and a Black Panther follow-up is in the works. When will it end?

  2. Is it the best or worst time to be young? The UK is facing “a crisis of childhood” amid inequality, climate change and Brexit anxiety. Others say today’s teenagers are safer, happier and freer than ever.

  3. Should Eton be abolished? Labour activists are campaigning for the abolition of private schools, saying they create inequality. Over 50% of Britain’s top officials were privately educated.

  4. Can Instagram’s new tool stop cyberbullying? Instagram now asks users: “Are you sure?” when they are about to post a rude comment. Studies show that the tool reduces abuse and encourages people to reflect.

  5. Can celebrities help to end throwaway fashion? Lewis Capaldi, Billie Eilish and other stars are donating clothes they wore at Glastonbury Festival to Oxfam. They say fast fashion is destroying the planet.

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