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  1. Can Earth support 10 billion people? The UN now predicts that the world’s population will peak at 10.9 billion by 2100. And as we age, pressure on medicine, food and water supplies is growing.

  2. Should we ban fast fashion? Fast fashion is polluting the environment and keeping thousands of workers on slave wages. As Boohoo releases a £1 bikini, MPs are calling for urgent reform.

  3. How will Generation Z change the world? Cautious but resilient and entrepreneurial, Gen Z (those born after 1996) will lead the fight against climate crisis, and rebel against the unstable gig economy.

  4. Is Instagram designed to make you feel bad? Madonna says that Instagram is enslaving people and making us obsessed with winning approval. She has joined a growing chorus of celebrities criticising the app.

  5. Should young people be banned from saying “like”? A primary school in Bradford has banned children from using the word “like”, in an effort to improve their conversation. Are we forgetting how to use language?

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