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  1. Do bees show that we have got intelligence all wrong? An amazing study claims that bees can count up to four. They can even understand the concept of zero. Are animals and insects smarter than we think?

  2. Should we take the nuclear option? The TV series Chernobyl shows us the devastating impact of a nuclear explosion. But some say nuclear power is the cleanest way to phase out fossil fuels.

  3. Would the world be better with a robot workforce? Amazon has insisted that its warehouses will always need human staff. But experts have argued that we will all be better off if robots take our jobs.

  4. Is it time for more ‘hopepunk’? The BBC is commissioning more hopeful content. It says young audiences are rejecting grim stories in favour of inspirational ones like Sense8 and Blank Panther.

  5. Is Toy Story 4 really about the mysteries of consciousness? The film is the story of Forky: a plastic fork who gains consciousness when made into a toy. It explores surprisingly deep questions for a children’s movie.

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