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  1. Could we all live underwater by 2100? Scientists say sea levels could rise far higher than we first thought by the end of this century. Major cities, including London and New York, could be at risk.

  2. Should we ban killer robots? At least seven countries are developing “lethal autonomous weapons”, including the US and China. A new report says they raise many ethical and legal concerns.

  3. Do young people need to work harder? According to Danielle Steel, author of 179 romance novels, they do. She works 20-hour days and says today’s young people expect to have too much fun.

  4. Is personalised medicine a good idea? The dream: drugs tailored to your genetics to treat your specific illness. The reality? Vast amounts of highly personal data are being gathered to make it work.

  5. Is disinformation killing the internet? “The internet is one of the greatest agents of free speech and democracy ever seen,” says an important new report. But it is now under threat from fake news.

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