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  1. Why do we love stories about con artists? Posing as a billionaire heiress, Anna Sorokin lived a life of luxury in New York hotels and swindled her friend out of thousands of dollars. Until her lies unravelled.

  2. Do we need a poet laureate? Simon Armitage, whose work tackles everything from Poundland to climate change, is the UK’s new poet laureate. The role is 300 years old. Do we still need it?

  3. Should women in Georgia go on sex strike? Harsh new laws in the US state could see women jailed for having an abortion. One actress says women must go on sex strike to take back control of their bodies.

  4. Was Shakespeare a woman? The new theory argues that Emilia Bassano, England’s first female published poet, wrote some of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. The evidence is uncannily strong.

  5. Is evolution not a blessing, but a curse? Natural selection makes us stronger, better and more likely to survive, right? Perhaps not. According to one scientist, it is time to stop human evolution.

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