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  1. Are insects more powerful than humans? A new book argues that we need insects far more than they need us. Without invertebrates, humanity would be wiped out in just a few months.

  2. Is profiting from fossil fuel as immoral as slavery? Fund managers are pulling investments out of fossil fuels because some say that profiting hugely from energy that harms humanity is akin to profiting from slavery.

  3. Have scientists just proved death isn’t final? Brain death is normally considered to be the end. But Yale University researchers have revived pig brains four hours after animals were slaughtered.

  4. Is having multiple jobs better than just one? Chef/blogger/dog walker. Yes, that’s a “slashie” job, a “side hustle” or a “portfolio career” — and it is the way life is going. Should we welcome it?

  5. Are emojis a return to the world’s oldest language? A new exhibition, Writing: Making Your Mark, opens this week at The British Library. It connects ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to modern emojis.

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