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  1. Do we need more happy news? The Happy Newspaper only includes positive news stories. Emily Coxhead came up with the idea after feeling overwhelmed by the constant stream of gloomy news.

  2. Should we celebrate failure? Elizabeth Day runs a podcast called How To Fail. Her guests talk not about their successes, but their greatest failures and what they learnt from them.

  3. Is conversation dying? Once upon a time, conversation was a skill to perfect. In the age of social media, have we lost the joy of slow, meandering face-to-face conversations?

  4. Salvator Mundi: should great art belong to the public? Last year, the famous portrait of Jesus by Leonardo da Vinci was sold to a mystery buyer for $450 million. Now, no one knows where it is.

  5. Could sending players off stop racism in football? To combat a recent trend of racist abuse in football, the sport’s bosses have suggested stopping matches for 10 minutes if fans sing racist chants.

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