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  1. Is spring the best season? Next week is the spring equinox. “The Earth is like a child that knows poems by heart,” as poet Rainer Maria Rilke put it. Is this the best time of the year?

  2. Should the US #BreakUpBigTech? Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren wants to break up the monopolies of technology giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon. Do they have too much power?

  3. Should we worry about solar storms? Scientists have found evidence of an iron age solar flare which could have crippled the technology we all rely on today. Should we fear the Sun’s power?

  4. Is British football racist? According to Sky News, 90% of football fans have witnessed racism at a match. Manchester City star Raheem Sterling has been speaking out against stereotypes.

  5. Is it time to bring back supersonic air travel? NASA has captured a mesmerising photo of planes travelling faster than sound. The Concorde was retired 16 years ago, but should we bring back supersonic travel?

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