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  1. Are saints all around us? Carlo Acutis, a young computer programmer who died of leukemia aged 15, spent his life helping others. Now, he could be made “patron saint of the internet”.

  2. How harmful is airbrushing on Instagram? Photoshopping used to just be for models in magazines. Now, anyone can use an app to edit selfies for Instagram, and it could be hurting our self-esteem.

  3. Would you go vegan for Beyoncé? Beyoncé has offered to give one lucky Instagram follower free tickets to her concerts for life. The catch? You have to commit to a vegan diet.

  4. Has JOMO replaced FOMO? We all know about FOMO, the “fear of missing out”. But as more people choose to stay in at home with Netflix, is this the age of JOMO, the “joy of missing out”?

  5. Are the Earth’s magnetic poles about to reverse? The Earth’s magnetic north is moving by 34 miles every year. Some fear that the planet’s magnetic field could flip, disrupting navigation and electronics.

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