Build the Change Tuesday:

Wild Cities Live Lesson

Hosted in partnership with the LEGO Group, our Wild Cities Live Lesson and Competition challenged 7-14-year-olds to think critically about how cities can work better for people and nature, inspiring them to reimagine a city building. Our competition has now closed, but you can replay our live lesson and find out about our competition winners below.

Wild Cities Live Lesson

Wild Cities Competition Winners!

Congratulations to our two winners who impressed our judges with their fantastic designs of a city space that works for people, wildlife and the planet! Their designs were chosen for their creativity, innovation, and practicality.

They have won:

  • An online Build the Change workshop featuring a LEGO® designer
  • Rewilding installation at their school
  • Huge box of LEGO® bricks
  • A 3-month free subscription to The Day
  • The opportunity to put their ideas in front of sustainability leaders!
"You elevated the city, that's amazing! That's abstract and creative, I haven't seen anything like that before!"
"A really cool design full of rich depth and awesome ideas throughout! We really loved how you integrated nature into the buildings."

Meet our experts!

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