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Biggest women’s sporting event in history

Are female players more emotional than men? As Euro 22 launches, one football boss has been slammed for claiming that girls and women are more emotional and erratic than men. The scenes after Northern Ireland’s match against Ukraine were jubilant but weird. Due to Covid-19, the game was played in an empty stadium. But the Irish fans were determined to show their support – so they parked their cars outside and honked their horns to encourage their team. Rated 27th in Europe, Northern Ireland were given little chance of qualifying for the Euro 22 finals. But two victories over Ukraine sealed their place. "I will remember that night for the rest of my life,” said forward Simone MagillMost of her appearances have been for Everton, but she recently joined Aston Villa.. “Ever since I was a kid, all I wanted to do was play for Northern Ireland.” Sarah McFadden was equally emotional. Women’s football has come a long way since England last hosted the Euros, in 2005. Back then, just eight teams competed, at comparatively small stadiumsLarger ones were unavailable because the big clubs did not think there was enough interest in women’s football.. Only 957 people turned out to see France play Italy at DeepdalePreston North End’s home ground..   Half a million tickets have been sold for Euro 2022, to fans from 99 countries. A TV audience of over 250 million is expected.    Only four countries have ever won the tournament: GermanyOne of Europe's largest countries, with a popultion of nearly 86 million. , Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. But this year England are the favourites. England’s last game against Northern Ireland is remembered chiefly for comments by the Irish coach, Kenny Shiels. "When a team concedes a goal, they concede a second one in a very, very short space of time,” he said. "[It happens] right through the whole spectrum of the women's game, because girls and women are more emotional than men. So, they take a goal going in not very well." His remarks were widely criticised. "I just felt like I'd gone back 30 years, to be perfectly honest with you," said Yvonne Harrison, the head of Women in FootballA professional network which aims to create equal opportunities for women in the sport.. Ian WrightA former Arsenal and England player who is now a TV pundit. tweeted a photo of himself in tears. “Didn’t that man see how many times I was crying on the pitch?” he demanded. Are female players more emotional than men? Euro furore Yes: You only have to look at the way Northern Ireland collapsed against England, conceding four second-half goals in front of a record home crowd, to see that Kenny Shiels was right.  

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