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Age 5 – 7: Winner

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Super Grandpa

Arjun Anand-Kumar, Weston Favell CE Primary School

Winner of the 5-7 age category, Celebration Day writing competition 2022

Ones upon a time there livd a old man mr. swamy he was a pady merchant he can not read and rite but he worked hard to give the kids in the famyly edukashon and disipline. Best thing ubawt mr swamy is his honeste and kindness.

Mr. swamy helped meny children in the village to stude. they grow up to be happy adults like my grandpa mr. sen.

Mr. sen is 65 years old. Wen mr. sen speak to Mr. swamy he will show littel Arjun learning to be kind and honest. Mr. sen thinks the world need kind pepol like mr. swamy ♡

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